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Yukti Kapoor (Karishma from Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir)

Women’s Day is a very special day, and I feel women are no less than anyone and they have the power to achieve anything. I used to dream of having my posters all around the city and with time and hard work, I have reached a place with Maddam Sir where this dream of mine has come true. I feel every women can achieve their dreams if they believe in themselves.

My role model in life is my mom, she is such a strong women and I have seen her work day and night at her salon Khoobsurat Beauty Parlor and then come home and take care of all of us at home. It is because of her that I have learnt the value and importance of hard work.

There is nothing special that I do on Women’s Day but make it a point to call all the women in my life who play a vital role like my mom and few co-actors who have previously played the role of my mother on-screen and where like a mother figure. So, this year I will pack up my shoot early and meet these power ladies of my life.

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I would like to also share that we should never give up on anything, just work hard because ‘Mehant ka Faal Safal hota Hain’. So all the women out there, never give up and keep dreaming big.

Akshita Mudgal (Gayatri from Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi)

International Women’s Day is a day that is cherished worldwide. I feel the word ‘woman’ in itself is such a strong and a powerful word which deserves to be celebrated across the world.

Women these days are no less than men and they are reaching incredible heights in all different walks of life and profession. This day I want to salute all the women around the world who have made a significant contribution to the world. A big shout out to all the mothers, sisters and wives for making everyone’s lives vibrant and full of life.

Women’s Day is also an ode to my role model, which is my mother. She has been with me during all my struggling days and she made my passion into hers while always motivating me to give my best and keep my hopes up. My sister also holds a special place as I get inspired with her own passion towards her work.

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With such a demanding schedule and in the midst of the hustle, you tend to forget to thank the women who have put your needs first and helped you in your endeavors by being beside you. So, every year on Women’s Day I thank my mother for everything she does for me and my sister and we plan something special for my mother.

So, all my fans and viewers of Sony SAB Bhakharwadi, pick this day to thank all the women who add value to your life and appreciate them. Happy Women’s Day!

Anusha Mishra (Alia from Sony SAB’s Tera Kya Hoga Alia)

Women’s Day for me is not just one day, it is every day, as I have grown up watching women being celebrated around me by either men or women. This day I would like to thank and cherish the anchor in my life that is my mother, Pratichi Mishra. She has taught me and supported me so that I reach where I am today. She is a true inspiration in my life and career. Apart from my mother, I look up to Lily Singh as well and I feel she is truly amazing not just for the work she does but her views and her take on life inspires me.

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This Women’s Day, I will follow our yearly routine where me and my mother go out either for shopping or dinner. This year is also about all the women who have taken a strong stand for our country to bring about a positive change.

To all people, I would like to say be kind, be appreciative and spread love to all the women who hold a special place in your life.

Gulki Joshi (Haseena Mallik from Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir)

The message that I would like to share on Women’s Day with all the women out there, that believe in yourself. Don’t ever think that you cannot accomplish anything. I feel women are capable of doing things that even men can’t.

This day, take pride in yourself and keep that up forever. Happy Women’s Day to everyone!