‘Worth Humming….’

‘My Birthday Song’ movie review by ‘Divya Solgama’

Famous novelist James Hadley Chase’s ‘Tiger By The Trail’ was a story of a respected guy who jeopardize his marriage for a one night temptation. This movie inspired many film makers, who went ahead to narrate their own versions in the form of films like ‘Kashmakash’, ‘Akalmand’, ‘Kaun Kaisey’, ’88 Antop Hill, and few more. Sanjay Suri starrer film ‘My Birthday Song’, also has a mild backdrop related to this theme but has lot more to narrate. Thus, let’s find out whether ‘My Birthday Song’ will manage to give us a different style of thriller or might end up being a clone of some International film.

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‘My Birthday Song’ is a story of Rajeev (Sanjay Suri), a sucessfull AD film maker. One his 40th birthday party he meets Sandy (Nora Fatehi) through a common friend. Once the party is over, Sandy decides to stay back as she wants to discuss a script with Rajeev. After a while Rajeev and Sandy start making out leading to a accidental mishap, which might jeopardize Rajeev’s married as well as professional life. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technical Details:
The story starts on the lines of ‘Tiger By The Trail’, but transforms into a physiological thriller. The initial part of the film takes lot of time to establish the main plot line. But once done, the movie has back to back loads of twist and turns These twists keeps you intrigued in the film. The middle portions of the film are highly gripping. Sadly, there are many abrupt and unwanted scenes in the second half of the film which dilutes the flow. The entire Pitobash track followed by Sanjay’s weird hallucination are disjointed and unexplained. The finale twist is hard hitting but at the same time the pre climax scenes were disappointing as it does not justify the theme of the film. The culmination in such movies is like the soul and failing to which it dilutes away all the efforts and hard work. There are few repetitive scenes followed by melodramatic ones. The cinematography is decent.

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Speaking about the music ‘Anjabi’ is a decent song with average background.

Director Samir Soni tries hard to narrate a different style under this genre and partially achieve success only.

Sanjay Suri is an ace actor and out here, also he enhances to a different. Nora Fatehi does her part with total grace. Zenia Starr lends gold support. Purab Kohli and Others are wasted.

Final Verdict:
So on an overall basis ‘My Birthday Song’ is worth humming due to its unique story and daring climax.

Raring — 2.5/5