Work is Worship

Star Bharat’s recently launched show Kartik Purnima which has received immense appreciation from the audience for its beautiful and heartfelt storyline.

Kartik Purnima has kept the audience hooked to the television screens with new and unexpected twists and turns. The show is packed with drama where the viewers witness different bonds with different characters in the show.

Shraddha Jaiswal who plays Babli Aunty in the show has shared with us, “I believe that work is worship. I am always on time. I never come late to work. I believe that if you do your work hard; will overcome any obstacle you face while working. My whole family stays in Kolkata. My husband owns a business there so it is not possible for him to come and visit me often. I only visit my home during vacations. I believe “Karm e Dharm Hai” so whenever you get a new role to play, never say no and always perform it well so it stands out in front of everyone.