Work has begun on more than 160 new social and affordable homes in Carlingford, which will provide secure housing and support for seniors and single-parent families.

Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services Gareth Ward said the project would provide homes for hundreds of people in Western Sydney through the NSW Government’s $1.1 billion Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF) program.

“The Carlingford project is one of the largest being delivered through the program, which is changing lives right across our state,” Mr Ward said.

“The focus of this project is on seniors and single-parent families, who will receive wrap-around services and support when they move into their new homes.”

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The development is being delivered in partnership with community housing provider BaptistCare, which is investing $70 million in the project.

The location of the new development was the birthplace of BaptistCare, initially purchased for £2,000 in 1948 to provide homes for women after World War 2.

Member for Parramatta Geoff Lee said the development is close to public transport and would provide a pipeline of new housing to support vulnerable people in the community.

“Tenants will have access to a suite of services and support, including in-home care services, no-interest loans and chaplaincy support, and help in achieving education and employment goals,” Mr Lee said.


BaptistCare CEO Charles Moore said this development is the final portion of 500 homes BaptistCare is delivering as part of the SAHF, which will support people facing rental stress and homelessness.

“Having a secure place to call home is vital, but housing is not just about a roof over a head. We are also creating communities in our housing sites and encouraging friendships and support networks for the people who live there,” Mr Moore said.

The program is a key initiative of Future Directions of Social Housing in NSW and is on track to deliver more than 3,400 homes across NSW, with 1,950 dwellings completed and 1,163 under construction.