When I did ‘Betaab’ or ‘Arjun’, nobody knew who Sunny Deol was…

‘Sunny Deol’ in an exclusive conversation with ‘DivyaSolgama’

DivyaSolgama – First‘YamlaPaglaDeewana’and then ‘Poster Boys’, so is comedy the new mantra for Sunny Deol? And being an action hero for most of the time, so how comfortable were you to explore yourself in this comedy genre?
Sunny Deol – It’s not like that, where it’s just a coincident that my next film releasing is comedy after ‘Poster Boys’. And regarding ‘YPD’, we explored the comedy genre with its first installment. Accordingly, it’s basically bringing more madness along with evolving and placing it in an interesting place so that the sequence becomes more rustic and real. And that’s what the ‘YPD’ is all about, just like title of the same says that its nothing but fun-fun-fun. Also, there’s some mischievous problem going around in the film, and where there’s problem, there’s lot of anger also in the movie. And regarding comfortable and uncomfortable for me being in the comedy genre, I am an actor and love doing all the genres.

DivyaSolgama – Your character in ‘YamlaPaglaDeewana’ series is quite different, and people have always loved you in that. Now as everyone is quite excited to see you again, so what’s new and different in ‘YamlaPaglaDeewanaPhir Se’?
Sunny Deol – Well, I can’t reveal much Divya, but yes with respect to its promo that kind of excitement is there for sure. But the newness we have placed it basically between Punjab and Gujarat, and the other agenda is that we all three of us are not related to each other. However, Bobby (Deol) and me are related with each other in the film, where we both are playing as brothers, but dad (Dharmendra) is not related, where he is playing a lawyer in the film. Meanwhile, the characters of all three of us are quite similar in attitude-wise, but relationship-wise is different.

DivyaSolgama – Being one of the biggest action-star of our Indian cinema, so was there any pressure kind of thing from the makers for adding action sequences specifically in every of your films to suit that image?
Sunny Deol – Unless and until you have a film which is a very character-driven then it is something different, but if it’s an entertainer, then there are certain scenes which are essentially required for it to fill the space. And people come to see an entertaining film where they want to see bits of everything, so thus the character is then well-defined for the film. And that’s the way my character has been effectively well-defined from the first part of ‘YamlaPaglaDeewana’ till now.

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DivyaSolgama – You made your debut with a romantic film, and in 90s we saw you in a whole-new different action avatar. So comparing with the contemporary action movies, was there any kind of tough decision for you to choose script during that time?
Sunny Deol – There was nothing like tough for anything, because we did cinema just like the subject came to us. After that we believed in it and worked with whole-heartedly. Films becoming successfully and landmark ones were never on our agenda, and we just tried to made good films. And in today’s time, films not becoming landmark is only because nothing new came up that match and bring the earnestly and honesty into the reality of our society. It’s sad and concerns me that why this is not happening.

DivyaSolgama – As you said it’s not happening, then why India is lacking behind to make such landmark movies?
Sunny Deol – It’s not like India is lacking behind, but somehow the scenario moving around in our country is basically all money, money and corporate money. Hence, talents are not given encouragement because of this, where the deep-rooted and proper actual talent who wants to enjoy talent has not come across in that way. Even when we did our film, we never knew who or how good one was, but we were definite enough that we want to bring something which is not imitating anything. So coming back to your question, as to why we are lacking behind is because everybody has lost that conviction of doing something and being brave enough to move ahead with it.

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DivyaSolgama – Although your first film with Dharamji was ‘SaverayWaliGaadi’, but your first released film with him was Sultanat’. So till date, do you feel that first-day kind of jitter while working with Dharamji?
Sunny Deol – Not really, it’s never been jitter kind of thing while working with him because I always knew that it’s my father in front of me. More than anything, I was only concerned that my father is comfortable or not comfortable working with me. Also, he is an actor who is probably nobody is anyway near to him with respect to that. And performing in front of such an actor, which happens to be your own father, is always great.

DivyaSolgama – Any anecdote you would like to share related to it?
Sunny Deol – One thing I always remember Divya is that when we were doing an action sequence in Sultanat, I miss the balance and injured my knee very badly. My father was there in front of me and I remember that he didn’t make any issue about it. We couldn’t shoot after that on that day because my knee was everaly injured, and I was panicking and shivering due to that, but still my father was very calm and quiet. And this one thing has always been deep-rooted in my mind. However, I am sure if it wasn’t me and some other guy, then my father would have done the same thing, because that’s what my father is all about.

DivyaSolgama – Speaking about the action genre, we have seen some good English action films making good money here in past few years, while our films are slowly forgetting the roots. So, why are the younger generations shying away from doing or making such action films?
Sunny Deol – I guess we are not recreating ourselves Divya, and we are just trying to pick things and create them. Also, if a film is hit then somehow our studios are more comfortable in making films on the line of it. Further, our people do not have the balls enough to do anything which is not being hit anywhere else, or try to do something which would have any kind of sensational value to it. Now-a-days, a new season has been started like making a true-based story or a biopic movie. They are just simply getting into all of this, and nobody is thinking in a different way that I want to make a movie in which I really believe in it. There might be too many ifs and buts to it, but yes, that’s what missing here.

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DivyaSolgama – Do you feel that our directors are missing that Sunny Deol-heroism in our Indian film industry?
Sunny Deol – I feel that they do not believe in Sunny Deol-heroism, but they believe in the script and characters. When I did ‘Betaab’ or ‘Arjun’, nobody knew who Sunny Deol was, since I was just a newcomer. Those films were not been made because of me, but was being made because we believed in those characters and we wanted to bring those characters out in screen. Cinema was very different at that point of timeDivya, with respect to actors like my father, Amitji, Jeetuji, and so many other ones. We were not bothered that how or what it is going to be, where we just wanted to do because that’s what we believed in it.

DivyaSolgama – How was the experience working with Rekhaji and ShatrughanSinhaji in YamlaPaglaDeewanaPhir Se?
Sunny Deol – It was something great experience, especially withShatruji, where he has got some great cameo role in the film. I got so excited that a thought came in my mind over working on some script to rope Shatruji and papa together in some film. Hope this turn into reality someday.

DivyaSolgama – Lastly, how’s ‘Pal PalDilKePaas’ shaping up?
Sunny Deol – I can’t talk about that right now, but will definitely dedicate this topic when I will be ready for it. That’s my baby, that’s my son, and that’s what I am trying to launch him in the movie. I am fully into it since year and a half now, and when I am done with it, I will surely then talk about it.

(Source – Bollywood Times)