When Deepika made Ranveer Singh look like a Red Velvet cup cake

Ranveer is popularly known for the fashion statement that he makes. People await his public appearance with bated breath in anticipation of how he will surprise them yet again. Ranveer will soon be seen on The Kapil Sharma Show and was seen in his elements. Not only did he make a grand entry on the set, Ranveer ensured that he took the entertainment quotient a few notches higher with his presence.

He revealed however, that it’s his darling wife and the beautiful diva herself, Deepika, who now decides what he should wear. Ranveer wore a red velvet jacket for the shoot and when a jealous Kapil asked him if Deepika selected it for him, Ranveer agreed wholeheartedly. He said that it is Deepika who manages and decides his wardrobe – ‘I’m looking like a tempting ‘Red velvet cake today’