When 2 cinema stalwarts met !

Indian superstar Anil Kapoor who is currently shooting for his next film Race 3, recently met his Mission Impossible 3 co-star Tom Cruise while shooting in the UAE capital.

Not many people know that Anil Kapoor and Tom Cruise have known each other for several years now and have kept in touch ever since they worked together in MI 3. Soon as they found out that they were both in the same city, they moved their incredibly packed schedules around to make time to meet each other.

The two powerhouses spent an entire day together catching up on their professional and personal journeys since the last time they saw each other.

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Says a source, “Tom and Anil spent hours talking about their films, families, food and fitness. It wasn’t surprising that a large part of their conversation revolved around fitness, since they’re both passionate about it, and Tom even said that he was happy to see Anil looking fitter than ever. They spoke at length about the stunts in the new MI film as Anil has often expressed his admiration for Tom’s work ethics, specifically the fact that Tom performs all of his own stunts, regardless of how dangerous and demanding they are. Tom was all praises for Anil’s new look for Race 3 and commended him on his infectious energy and enthusiasm, even in the face of 4 upcoming releases”.​