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Ankita Srivastava’s new avatar revealed at her recent shoot with Ace Photographer Dabboo Ratnani

If you think actress Ankita Srivastava was sexy & sultry in her last Bollywood outing “Welcome Back” then these pictures can easily be passed by calling them “smoking hot” or may be “desirable”. Is it just another photoshoot or is something brewing on professional front? A birdy informed us that she was approached by a leading UK Based apparel brand & a couple of big Bollywood projects. So doesn’t it mean that she is gearing up for something international or is there a good news coming our way with an announcement of her next Bollywood project? I guess we have to wait & watch and for the big reveal!

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Wouldn’t it be lazy to call her hot, glamorous or sensuous ?  Guess it will be! I think it’s safe to say that the actress Ankita Srivastava is slaying with her new sizzling avatar in the recent photo shoot with Ace Photographer Dabboo Ratnani “Although I was thin in last projects but I wanted to work on toning my body.  Dabboo Ratnani was a special one for me and I wanted to put in extra efforts to look better than before. I didn’t want to be just “thin” but I wanted to be in the perfect shape for the shoot”

ankita-srivastava-_dr15182Basking in the glory of “Welcome Back” & Music Video- ” Let’s Dance” the beauty who slays her fans with her bold photoshoot. There isn’t an inkling of a doubt that she looks amazing, and more than that, she looks healthy and fit. In an industry where actors are always aiming for six pack abs and size zero body, actress Ankita Srivastava has a different take on it. “I have a simple mantra -One must be comfortable with their body and should be fit”.

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If you think that the starlet must be depriving herself from delicacies, it’s completely wrong “For me, working out and eating healthy is a part of my lifestyle. I am careful about what and how much I eat but I do not deprive myself of anything. I don’t indulge into crash diets for a particular shoot. I know people who eat in a crazy way and then suddenly they want a perfect body, and to achieve that they go on crash diets which takes a heavy toll on their body in the long term” says Ankita Srivastava.

“One must not come in peer pressure and aim for six pack abs or a size zero figure. You should be fit and healthy. Thin is out. Fit is the new Sexy!!