“Life is a precious commodity that we as Government officials are entrusted to protect and it is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.”

This was highlighted by the Ministry of Defence and National Security Deputy Secretary, Ilai Moceica as he opened the Narcotic Workshop at the Tanoa Plaza in Suva this morning.

“We can make a major impact; and I am optimistic that all of you would utilize your time wisely and deliberate on the proactive solutions to our drug problem grappled by our law enforcement agencies,” Mr Moceica said.

“I wish to remind us all that the Fiji Police can only do so much in its efforts to address the drug problem in Fiji.”

Mr Moceica said the intent of the workshop is to devise the plan for the ‘war’ against narcotic drugs and believes it would only be possible through a unified effort.

He said that the workshop will address all aspects of the worldwide drug problem but with solutions specifically for Fiji.

“These discussions will provide a solid foundation to further our work that is currently undertaken on a national drug policy framework,” Mr Moceica said.

“It is very important to have representatives from key agencies present here today.”

Mr Moceica emphasised that the five year and 20 year National Development Plan (NDP) encourages key government agencies to promote and ensure socio-economic stability and safeguarding of health, well-being and moral-ethical values with a view to fight against drug addiction and drug trafficking as top priority of Government.