Voice of tomorrow

A combination of beauty and brains, singer Aiysha Saagar is mesmerizing fans across the globe.

By Sonika Chaudhary 

This is the story of a Fiji-born Indian girl who rocked India by performing in over 200 shows and over 400 shows worldwide! In 2005, Aiysha Saagar created history by becoming the first female artist to release an album and music videos, with a major Indian music label, TIMES MUSIC. The album was launched by director-duo Abbas-Mustan. One of her songs “Mundaya” was also featured in Irrfan Khan’s film, Dubai Return.  In 2008, Aiysha received the Cinema Award for “Best Foreign Artist” and in 2011, the Sur Aradhana Award for “Best Debut Playback”.

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100_2081-(4)-2On June 13, 2012, Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate officially endorsed Aiysha Saagar as “Ambassador Of Gold Coast To India And Across The Globe”. She featured on posters and billboards across Asia promoting the Australian tourist city. Aiysha has also been the face of Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson and Vodafone.  She has worked with leading Indian/Bollywood music directors such as Jaidev Kumar (Dil Lai Gai Kuddi Gujarat Di-fame), Santokh Singh (Channa Ve-fame) and Himesh Reshammiya, with whom she also sang a playback duet.

Aiysha is a combination of beauty and brains. She has not only completed three degrees in Accounting, Law and Financial Planning and successfully climbed the corporate ladder, but has also captured the hearts of music fans around the world.

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100_2427-(3)-1Her new album is due to be released in January 2017 along with three new music videos filmed in Gold Coast, Australia.