Vishal Aditya Singh turns into a Kinnar for Nach Baliye 9?

Vishal Aditya Singh on Nach Baliye 9 has been a hit with his macho style and rustic physique! He has been constantly wowing audiences with his unique style of dancing along with dancing. His performances on Nach Baliye 9 have been lauded by audiences and the judges alike. One of his biggest strengths on the show has been his sculpted muscular body which he puts to good use with the different dance forms that he has presented on the show along with his Baliye – Madhurima. Surprisingly, for his upcoming act on the show he has donned the form of a ‘Eunuch’.

It’s a bold step for an actor like Vishal to don the look of a eunuch and present a different dance altogether! It was not an easy step by any means, but the good looking hunk stepped up to the challenge and delivered a stellar performance! The solo act performed by Vishal had everyone in the audiences cheering for him like crazy!

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After the act, Vishal had an emotional moment and said, “I am dedicating this act to my mother. I hail from the northern part of India where I know there are guys who dress up as girls and give dance performances. They have to do it to ensure that their family gets fed, it’s not something they would want to do ideally. It’s a brave thing and I hope they are able to find an alternative profession which will help them to earn livelihood in a better way.”

To sum it up, Vishal wowed one and all on the sets of Nach Baliye 9 with his skilful rendition of a eunuch. Loyal viewers of Nach Baliye 9 are in for a complete treat this weekend, thanks to Vishal Aditya Singh.