The NSW Government’s Veterans Employment Program has gone from strength to strength, exceeding its target to employ 200 former Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel by 2019. Since the program began in May last year 310 former ADF service men and women
have been employed in the NSW Government – more than 55 per cent above the target of 200 veterans.

About 70 per cent of the new roles have been in the justice and transport sectors. However, many have been employed in other areas such as health, education and finance. Minister for Veterans Affairs David Elliott said the program involves an education campaign to advise government employers on veterans’ capabilities, while also helping ex-servicemen and women translate their skills and experience.


“I believe the success of this program shows that military skills are highly transferable and I am delighted that the NSW public sector is viewed by veterans as a great place to work,” Mr Elliott said. “The NSW Government is committed to listening to our contemporary veterans, this includes supporting them as they move from the ADF into civilian work. This program is also of great advantage to employers who reap the benefits of having these uniquely skilled workers.”

Ongoing research has further clarified the nature of some hurdles faced by veterans and identified further opportunities to enhance recruitment for veterans to ensure they find fulfilling careers within the NSW Public Sector. More than 1,500 personnel transition out of the ADF into NSW each year. NSW Government-led research shows these veterans often encounter difficulties securing suitable civilian employment.