Varun Interview

  • Can you tell us about your journey into acting and what inspired you to become an actor?

My extensive experience in the entertainment industry led me to a fulfilling tenure with a prominent TV network. During those years, I had the privilege of learning the ins and outs of film production from a remarkable mentor, Bitu Arora who taught me everything I know about the art and craft of creating compelling visuals.

Around 17 years ago, I set my sights on Australia, where I embarked on a new chapter in my career by launching my film production company, Friends TV. This endeavor allowed me to explore the world of storytelling from a different perspective, shaping my skills and vision as a filmmaker.

My journey as an actor in Australia took a significant turn when I had the opportunity to work on a Jim Beam commercial. It was during this time that fate would introduce me to Director and Screenwriter Louis Abdilla, who envisioned his next project, “Alessandra The Revenge.” Louis believed that there was a character within the script that resonated with me, and I eagerly auditioned for the role. To my delight, I was awarded the part.

Acting has provided me with a unique platform for self-expression. It pushes me to step outside of my comfort zone continually, enabling me to evolve and grow within the realm of creativity. My passion for the creative world has been a driving force throughout my journey, and I’m excited to explore new horizons and share my artistic endeavors with the world.

  • How do you prepare for a role, and can you walk us through your process from script to performance?

When it comes to preparing for a role, I’m a firm believer in the power of diligent planning and hard work. I start by immersing myself in the script, running through numerous readings to truly grasp the essence of the character I’m about to portray. It’s during this phase that I try to establish a connection with the character and understand their motivations and traits.

One crucial aspect of my preparation involves collaborating with the director. I find it invaluable to have a conversation with them, delving into their vision for the character. I want to know how they perceive the character, what traits they envision, and their expectations for the role. This dialogue helps me align my approach with the director’s creative vision, ensuring a cohesive performance.


Once I step onto the set, provided all the groundwork has been laid, I find myself in what I like to call my “comfort zone.” However, as any actor knows, not everything always goes according to plan. There are moments where lines may slip from memory, or a scene might not unfold as anticipated. In those instances, it’s crucial to remain composed and quickly reset. It’s all part of the unpredictability and excitement of the craft.

Being on set feels like entering a different world. It’s a place where you live and breathe the character. The process becomes an immersive experience where you truly become the character, feeling their emotions and motivations as if they were your own.

Equally important is my receptiveness to the director and the rest of the crew’s guidance. As much as I work to create the character in my mind, it’s equally vital to play the character in the way the director instructs. Their feedback and direction are invaluable in shaping the character and bringing it to life in a way that aligns with the overall vision of the project.

In essence, my approach to acting is a balance between detailed preparation, the thrill of on-set excitement, and a commitment to collaboration with the director and the entire crew. It’s this dynamic blend that allows me to deliver a performance that resonates with the audience and contributes to the success of the project.

  • Can you share a specific on-set experience that stands out in your mind?

During an action-packed running scene, I joined the set after thorough planning by the director and crew. I approached Director Louis Abdilla and inquired about his vision for the scene. He provided concise guidance, allowing me to grasp my character’s situation, and I mentally and physically prepared to convey the emotions. The intense experience left me emotionally drained, but it resulted in an unforgettable, remarkable scene. 

  • What do you find most rewarding about being an actor, and what are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your career?
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After wrapping up a scene, there’s a profound sense of accomplishment that washes over me. It’s a moment where I feel like I’ve created something truly special. I’ve noticed that people’s perception of me tends to shift as well.

One of the significant challenges I encountered upon my arrival in Australia was the fact that I was primarily known for my dance skills. Acting was a path which I had not explored for a long time, and it took 17 years for me to receive that opportunity in Australia. I am incredibly grateful to Louis for entrusting me with this chance. His faith and trust in my abilities as an actor have been instrumental in my journey.

  • How do you approach character development and getting into the mindset of a character? Are there any specific techniques or methods you employ?

Comprehending the script is paramount; understanding how the Director-Writer envisions the story is key. Cultivating a strong relationship with them is crucial. Don’t hesitate to seek their guidance when the context of the lines is unclear.

Once I’ve immersed myself in the character, I start embodying their traits in real life. The character occupies my thoughts round the clock, and I find myself living as that character in my daily existence. I constantly question myself about their motivations and contemplate the expressions I need to convey.

  • Acting often involves collaboration with other actors and the director. How do you navigate working with others to create a cohesive performance?

I consider it crucial to establish a comfortable working environment. Building a foundation of mutual respect and trust among the team is essential. As actors, we feed off one another’s energy, and it’s this synergy that allows us to create a stunning performance.    

  • Do you have a dream role or a type of character you would like to play in the future?

My aspiration is to continue growing within the industry and explore a wide range of diverse roles. At this stage, it’s all about embracing the roles that come my way, as each one holds significant value for me. I’m committed to putting in the hard work and giving my absolute best to every opportunity that presents itself.

  • How do you handle rejection and the ups and downs that can come with pursuing a career in acting?

Life, much like the journey of an actor, is filled with its fair share of ups and downs. In my experience, maintaining a positive outlook and a constant smile are key. Hard work, honesty, and faith can be guiding lights on the path to realizing one’s dreams with the assistance of a higher power.

  • Can you describe your relationship with your audience? What do you hope they take away from your performances?

Audiences have known me as a TV host and a dancer, but my venture into acting is a new chapter. I hope to receive their love, blessings, and positive energy as I embark on this exciting journey. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my wife, Kamal, and my two children for their unwavering love and support. I’m also deeply appreciative of the unwavering support and love I’ve received from my father, Vinod Kumar Tewari, and my mother, Ritu Tiwari. My father’s guidance and support over the years have played an instrumental role in shaping me into the person I am today.


  • What advice do you have for aspiring actors who are looking to break into the industry or improve their craft?

If you have a dream, don’t just dream about it. Take steps to achieve it, work hard each day to move towards your dream. Be honest with yourself – what do you want? Be your best friend, be practical on your thoughts, don’t think too big, take small steps that are achievable, but always move forward. This industry is not easy, be patient. 

For anyone with a dream, I would emphasise that mere dreaming isn’t enough. It’s about taking tangible steps to transform those dreams into reality. Each day, dedicate yourself to working diligently and making progress toward your aspirations. Honesty with yourself is crucial – ask, “What do I truly want?” Be your own best friend, approach your goals pragmatically, and focus on taking small, attainable steps. While thinking big is essential, consistent progress matters most. Remember that the entertainment industry can be challenging, so patience is an invaluable virtue. Keep moving forward.