Varun Dhawan’s bike trip!

Shoojit Sircar is known for keeping his films authentic and real. Even with October, the director asked Varun Dhawan to keep his entire presence as natural as possible. The actor had spent time learning the tasks of a Hotel Management Student in a real hotel where he trained for washing, cleaning and cooking.

The film has extensively been shot in Delhi and had the actor use a bike for transport in the film. He was required to ride a bike for 3 hours non stop on the Delhi Highway in the peak of winter. While the actor knows how to ride a bike, he was very nervous as he hasn’t ridden a bike on a highway let alone on the roads of Delhi.

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Shoojit Sircar briefed Varun Dhawan the requirements of the shot and the actor, setting aside all his qualms got on the bike and took off on the highway. Varun Dhawan shares, “I was first time riding a bike on the highway that too 4 at night. Shoojit dada wanted a long journey so I was riding for a good 3 hours in the winter with trucks around me. I was scared but didn’t want to disappoint him and also didn’t want a stuntman to ride it for me”