Varun Badola bakes cookies for the entire crew of Mere Dad Ki Dulhan!

While Amber Sharma (Varun Badola) is doing a lot of things to woo his lady love in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, what better than baking cookies to let her know that he has a massive crush on her. While Amber and Guneet’s (Shweta Tiwari) budding romance has been loved by one and all, Amber is doing everything in his power to be the “ideal boy” for Guneet.

Varun Badola recently learnt how to bake cookies for his role as Amber in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan. To woo Guneet and to cheer her up, Amber decides to bake chocolate chip cookies which are every girl’s favourite. But little did he know the cookies will actually turn out to be that brilliant. He was very happy with the way the cookies tasted and decided to bake a batch for the entire crew and cast of Mere Dad Ki Dulhan and so the crew gorged on Varun’s freshly baked cookies.

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Talking about baking cookies, Varun Badola said, “Cookies are always a way through a woman’s heart and baking it yourself just adds to the affection. When I started baking cookies for the episode, it seemed like fun and when it turned out to be yummier than I thought, I decided to bake another batch. Everybody on the set started going crazy for those cookies, so I baked a few batches enough for everybody on the set. It was a lot of fun baking cookies as a part of an episode. Everyone was surprised that I baked them for the first time and they turned out to be absolutely delicious!”