Vanishing Horror Quotient…

Movie Review ‘Lupt’

Javed Jaffrey is widely known for many of his comical films and his dancing skills. Very few people know that after a impressive debut in ‘Meri Jung’, Javed was part of few horror films such as ‘Woh Phir Aayegi’, ‘7 Saal Baad’ and ‘Zakhmi Rooh’. He returns back into this genre after the huge gap of twenty five years with his latest film ‘Lupt’.

‘Lupt’ is a story of an wealthy businessman Harsh Tandon (Javed Jaffrey) suffering from insomnia problems. Harsh along with his wife (Niki Aneja Walia), daughter (Meenakshi Dixit) & son (Karan Anand) sets out for a quick vacation. On their way, they take a alternate route which triggers out some supernatural happenings.

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The story on papers sounds familiar and at the same time has some merits to cherish. The first half has few jump scare moments which adds the chill factor to the horror genre. These scenes are majorly displayed at the time the family is travelling. The same first half takes huge amount of built up, with many side tracks and unnecessary scenes. The second half instead of intensifying things, sets out on the dramatic and dragged scenes mode. The horror quotient vanishes into the thin air. The drama part featuring Niki and later Javed looks unrealistic. The suspense is predictable and dilutes the movie to it’s lowest. The actors sturggle to emote in certain scenes.

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The background music is loud and jarring. The cinematography is decent and tries to cover up some continuity jerks.

Javed Jaffrey looks good and is seen in such a important role after a long time. Sadly, his character does not have any layers and keeps screaming at everyone. Niki Aneja Walia lends decent support but fails in the emotional ones. Karan Anand is the best of the lot with happy-go-lucky type of attitude. Meenakshi Dixit fails to act and has hardly anything to offer. Rishab Chadha is worst of the lot. His expressions and make up are not up to the mark. Vijay Raaz is fine in his part.

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‘Lupt’ starts with some scare moments but ends up like a regular B-grade horror film with vanishing horror quotient.

Rating – 1/5