Sat Sri Akal!

I’m delighted to send my warm greetings to all who will gather to celebrate the festival of Vaisakhi.

Steeped in ancient tradition, Vaisakhi celebrates the qualities of empathy, justice, courage and commitment. In your acts of devotion — through song, prayer and service — you remember the timeless unity and dignity of humanity.

As we farewell what has been another difficult year of pandemic, this message speaks to all Australians. It is a reminder to us all that strength is so often found through service to others.

I honour the Sikh community for the acts of generosity and compassion that you show in communities across our land.


I give thanks for everything you have done and continue to do to keep us all safe — looking after each other and ensuring the wellbeing of those around you.

Here — in a country of acceptance and inclusion — we practice our beliefs and customs free from persecution and discrimination. It’s a reminder that Australia is an open, free, accepting multicultural nation — the most successful multicultural nation on earth.

At Vaisakhi, we reflect on the tough times we have been through these past few years, give thanks for our strength as a nation one and free, and look forward to a better year of opening up and reconnecting.

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May the spirit of Vaisakhi be a blessing of peace and unity in your lives.

The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Prime Minister of Australia