Transforming Regional Councils


Minister for Local Government Paul Toole has outlined the NSW Government’s commitment to strengthen the local government sector as part of a keynote address to the 2016 Local Government NSW Annual Conference.

Mr Toole said the NSW Government has undertaken the most significant reform to the local government sector ever seen. “We have created new councils across NSW, we are transforming the way regional councils work through the development of Joint Organisations and the Far West Initiative and we’re modernising the Local Government Act,” Mr Toole said.
Mr Toole said the Annual Conference provided an opportunity for new and returning councillors to shape the future of local government and address the everyday issues that matter to local communities. “Last month’s council elections saw many new faces elected to councils across the State, and it was very pleasing to see many of them at this year’s conference,” Mr Toole said. Mr Toole launched a new strategy at the conference for a long-term plan to boost the workforce of councils.

Mr Toole said the NSW Local Government Workforce Strategy 2016-2020 will support the local government sector to tackle key workforce challenges such as skills shortages, developing talent and attracting and retaining leaders.

“As in all industries and sectors, local government faces a range of challenges in attracting and retaining a skilled and diverse workforce, particularly in rural and regional areas,” Mr Toole said.

“This strategy, developed by LGNSW and the NSW Office of Local Government in collaboration with industry bodies, provides an opportunity for the sector and key stakeholders to work together to tackle the issues faced by councils in managing their workforce.”