To help people cope with the stress in times of a pandemic, Vir Das releases his new comedy series Bright Side with Vir Das

With the announcement of a 21-day lockdown, the nation was quick to switch on the panic button despite multiple reassurances from the central and local authorities. To lighten the situation, India’s most popular comedian Vir Das decided to walk us through what the next phase of our quarantine would look like, with a pinch of humor. Focusing on the bright side of being at home, Das in his new series discusses everything from balconies to our warped political allegiances and how irrelevant it has become currently. Taking the darkest thoughts going on in people’s heads and turning them into something funny, he attempts to lighten the situation beautifully. The brand new show releases on Vir Das official YouTube channel and on Vir’s IGTV. To begin with, the topic of the first episode of the show is “What if Coronavirus gets worse and worse” due to the current situation across the globe. After every 10 days, Vir will be releasing new episodes on his social media platforms. After all the best way to get through something grim is with a wide smile and hope in your heart.

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Vir tells us, “Staying at home for the last few days has been testing for everyone. This is my way of adding some laughs into their lives. Laughter opens up people to hope and that’s what we need in this phase. I have taken everything I have been hearing lately – from nanis and dadis claiming that Coronavirus is a result of ya not following their nuskas to people telling us how we are quarantining comfortably when many in the country can’t. It’s our attempt to put some perspective in people on how much better we have it, and in a funny fashion tell them to practice social distancing, stay home, be safe. As for the emotional distress, let’s laugh a little – shall we?”