To Dear Daughter With Love

Article by FARAH’s,  Brand Ambassador for Fashion Race – mother Maxine Salma

You have powers that not many have. You are a wonderful collection of magical, polished and raw talents. You are good at things that no one does better than you.You are beautiful. Your twinkle in the eyes makes you recognisable from far away. Your sweet awkwardness makes you luxurious, invaluable.

m4e_0953You are special. The way you laugh and cry in a single sound. The way you get so angry you could explode. The way you share your attention, your concern for all living things. The way you’re fuming when you’re frustrated. I could rant and chat, gossip and laugh with you for hours on end. Your company is one of a kind.Your smile. I don’t even have words. It lights up the world as it did for me

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The way you care about the people around you, in your own way, makes a difference in people’s lives. The way your love surges and flows, in mysterious ways sometimes, is what holds us together. Your place in people’s lives is more significant that you can possibly comprehend.

Your excitement is like fuel to the world’s engine. When you’re excited, your energy is contagious. It makes you glow like a lighthouse on a stormy night. When you do your thing, your light is guiding my way.

m4e_0928You hold your own special kind of intelligence. You have unique wisdom that goes far into the future. You don’t have to compare yourself to anyone, because no one is in the same league as you. All people are different, and your magnificence is like a secret language. Your life story is like a vintage edition of my favourite book, found in a dusty second-hand bookstore. Your life story is a work of art.


Even when you are in the midst of great darkness, you have the power to lead and shepherd the people around you. Even though you are blinded by your own greatness, you are the most valuable person in your own life, and in mine.

m4e_0963Even when you are alone, and can not see your own place in the world, you hold dear a place in mine. Even when you give up hope, I will never give up on you.  Even when you feel like you fail, over and over again, you have already succeeded. There’s nothing else you need to do. I am proud of you.


your Mum..