The Fiji Embassy in Korea and the Korean based international non-government organization (NGO) “International We Love’U Foundation” has unfolded opportunities for the benefit of the Fijian families in Fiji.

Through a partnership that they have formed, assistance of 10 Million Korean Won (equivalent to 18,000 FJD) has been provided by the International We Love’U Foundation to the WOWS Kids Fiji (WKF) Walk On Walk Strong, in recognition of the support they provide for the children living with cancer in Fiji. The presentation of the donation was recently held at Pangyo city in Korea.

While presenting the donation, Zahng Gil-jah, Chairwoman of the International We Love’U Foundation reflected on the pillars of the foundation which is unconditional love of a “mother” that extends beyond nationality, race, language, and culture. She highlighted the importance of sharing resources between neighbors that would help towards achieving good health and wellbeing to address poverty around the world.

In accepting the donation on behalf of WOWS Kids Fiji, Fiji’s Ambassador to Korea H.E. Peniana Lalabalavu thanked Chairwoman Zahng for the generous contribution provided to the WOWS Kids Fiji.


Also featured at this event was the formalization of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by Ambassador Lalabalavu, on behalf of the Fiji Embassy and Chairwoman Zahng, on behalf of the Foundation. The MOU aims to deepen collaboration towards the implementation of cooperation projects in Fiji. This includes strengthening cooperation in areas that the Foundation is already providing assistance to other countries, namely in education, climate action, reducing poverty and hunger, disaster prevention response and reconstruction, and humanitarian assistance.

The We Love’U movement started in Korea in the 1990s and was officially launched in 2001. Today, it is an international organization associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications (UNDGC), having more than 155,000 members in 105 regions and a presence in 51 countries. The work of the Foundation aims to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, through cooperation and partnerships established with governments, municipalities, and institutions both national and international, to enable an inclusive and equitable global society while contributing towards the peaceful and sustainable development of the world.


WOWS Kids Fiji, Team Leader Ms. Viola Lesi applauded the International We Love’U Foundation for its generosity in providing this timely assistance.

Ms Lesi also expressed appreciation to the Fiji Embassy in Korea for its swift response in facilitating the consultation process to secure assistance for WOWs Kids Fiji.

“We are incredibly humbled by the generosity of International We Love’U Foundation in providing the much needed support for children living with cancer in Fiji and their families. This assistance has come just in time when we are not able to do much fundraising activities due to the challenges which are a direct result of COVID19 pandemic.

“The WOWS Kids also expresses its sincere gratitude to Madam Ambassador Peniana Lalabalavu for facilitating the connection with We Love’U Foundation and endorsing our application for assistance. This remarkable support provided by Fiji’s Embassy in Korea is a testament of the Embassy’s commitment towards advancing the interests and welfare of the families in Fiji. It marks the beginning of a new friendship and cooperation that has great potential to assist families who need financial and social support in dealing with the threatening diseases like cancer.


“This donation will go towards medications and diagnosis tests needed for the children living with cancer in Fiji. Our organisation supports around 60 to 70 children living with cancer at any given time and also includes children from other Pacific Islands that come to Fiji for treatment. We provide practical support, social, economic and physiological support to assist the families of children living with cancer. These includes covering costs incurred during treatment such as transportation, medications, diagnostic test, accommodation, home visitations, overseas treatment, facilitating sessions, equipping families with coping skills and creating awareness on child cancer issues in the country” Ms Lesi elaborated.

WOWS Kids (Fiji) is a registered Charitable Trust in Fiji and that works in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and partners to ensure that children living with cancer in the country have access to treatment and are supported in their journey.