Time To Unwrap TOFFEE!!

Tahira Kashyap’s directorial debut, a short film – TOFFEE had a sweet rendezvous with its audience TODAY at its World Premiere at the coveted MAMI Film Festival. The audience had a big smile as the 18-minute short set-off a nostalgic trip down memory lane rekindling many memories of our growing up years.

The short film will soon be shown at the prestigious CineKid Film Festival, Amsterdam and the Bahamas International Film Festival, being an Official Selection at both these Festivals.

According to a UNICEF report of 2016, it was recorded that 47% of girls in India are married before the age of 18! With the interiors of India still battling these moralities, Tahira Kashyap takes us on a journey of friendship between two 10-year-old girls – through her short film TOFFEE. The film is produced by Ayushmann Khurrana and Mukesh Chhabra.
TOFFEE, an ode to friendship with a very important social message for our times, marks the debut for Tahira Kashyap- an established name is the literary circles with three books, ‘I Promise’, ‘Souled Out’ and ‘Cracking the Code’, already published. She promises that while her film touches upon many social issues, it leaves you filled with nostalgia and a smile. “This film is rather close to my heart; it is just that beyond everything that the world throws at you, sometimes a genuine friend is all you need. Through Ritu and Tanya – my protagonists, I want to take you through a li’l imaginary world of 10-year-olds and their idiosyncrasies,” shares Tahira.

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Ayushmann Khurrana, who is also presenting the film, says, “When two people coming from different strata of society come together in the name of friendship that in itself is so beautiful, what Tahira has made out of it, stays with you even after the film is over!”

Mukesh Chhabra too is all praises for Tahira, “She is a born director, she might be debuting with Toffee, but she is already proficient in engaging the audience in her story-telling.”

Presented by Ayushmann Khurrana TOFFEE is a short film directed by debutant Tahira Kashyap and produced by Mukesh Chhabra & Ayushmann.