This is a FERTILE Issue

A large percentage of my patients come to see me for fertility. I have clients with different concerns, some of which I will list below. The first and most important thing I explain to them is that in many cases, the simple things are the most important. Once we can rule out any structural issues or disease states, difficulty in falling pregnant can come down to the levels of specific nutrients that are required to facilitate the growing embryo.
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Here are some examples of why a client may come to see me:
Failed attempts at IVF
An irregular period and not understanding if and when they ovulate
Endometriosis or Polycystic Ovaries and how it may be creating difficulty
Low sperm count, or damaged sperm and needing an understanding of how to fix the situation
Being told that “everything seems ok… just keep trying” but it’s not working

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In most men and women, fertility is a natural by-product of a healthy lifestyle. But at the clinic, we work to help those who have confusion or issues with their health, even if they have already seen their GP or have had attempts of IVF.

I have had many cases where couples have almost given up due to the high cost of IVF and the disappointment of the process failing them. After checking their blood and other testing, simple deficiencies can be found that are not checked in a normal blood test, and turns out to be the reason why things did not go to plan. I look forward to more people knowing about the huge role clinical naturopathy can play in this.


In my opinion, the top three things we must include in our diet to promote healthy fertility include omega 3, zinc, folic acid, iron and minerals. The best foods include oily fish, avocado, brazil nuts, spinach, corriander and sardines. Foods and drink to be avoided if you are considering getting pregnant include tea, coffee, alcohol, preservatives and fatty foods such as cakes and fried food. These unhealthy foods can inhibit the absorption of important vitamins and minerals, and these vitamins and minerals may just be the ones required by the body to allow a healthy pregnancy to occur.

I have consulted hundreds of couples for hormone balance and fertility at Whitsunday Health Clinic and it proves to be an immensely rewarding aspect of being a clinical naturopath. If you are having issues and need a helping hand, or would like some initial testing done, such as your egg count and hormone levels, send me an email or call the clinic for an appointment and I would love to help you create one of life’s precious miracles.

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(Rowena Kissun is the Director of Whitsunday Health Clinic and Med Tours)