Think Tank

“Recently met Shaurya Doval who heads the Think Tank, India Foundation and son of Indian National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval in Sydney. Had a good exchange on recent developments in Kashmir and long term geopolitics of the region. Thank you Jagvinder Singh Virk for organising such an insightful meeting.” Says Rohit Revo in Sydney.

“It was truly an honour to meet Shaurya Doval, A Memorable Motivational, A speech full of Positive energy to Motivate everyone. India’s most influential figure and s/o Ajit Doval THE CHIEF SECURITY ADVISOR OF INDIA” says Sunny Romana in Sydney.

“We had the honour to meet Mr Shaurya Doval, a great visionary, think tank and policymaker who shed light on India’s progress since independence and how far we have come. He also gave great insight into where India is heading into the future. During the evening, many issues were discussed, and we appreciated Mr Shaurya Doval taking the time to graciously discuss and answer all questions in depth, in relation to foreign policy, abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, reservations, women empowerment and India moving towards getting a permanent seat in UNSC” says Vijay Kumar Rana in Sydney.

“Thanks, Dr Jagvinder Singh Virk bhaji for organising a face to face meeting with Mr Shaurya Doval to raise 1984 Sikh Genocide issue with him. Hundreds of Sikhs are still waiting for the culprits to be punished. He assured that the present government is committed and culprits will be punished very soon” says Sarabjot Singh Dhillon.