Since the announcement of ‘Medium Spicy’, there has been a buzz around the trio of Sai Tamhankar, Lalit Prabhakar and Parna Pethe coming together for the first time. While not much has been revealed about the film till now, we got hold of the first exclusive image that the three shot at a recent photoshoot. If the ‘oomph’ in this image is anything to go by, then we should get our eyes set for the ‘visual treat’ we are going to get with ‘Medium Spicy’.

The makers have wrapped up their shoot for ‘Medium Spicy’ and have decided to announce the release date of 5th June 2020 with something so blazing, setting the mood for one of the most stylish and awaited films of the year. While Sai stuns with her panache in this image getting jaws to drop for both men and women alike, Parna dazzles with zest in an avatar that we haven’t seen her in a while. Lalit on the other hand sets the house on fire with this suave look, which could be the talk of the town in the coming days.

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Produced by Vidhi Kasliwal, directed by Mohit Takalkar and written by Irawati Karnik, Medium Spicy is currently in the post-production stage. The film shot in both Pune and Mumbai, has been in the news for all the right reasons or should we say ingredients, since the time it was announced.

Speaking about the choice of this image to announce the release date, Vidhi Kasliwal of Landmarc Films stated, “Medium Spicy is a flavourful film which should be pleasing to all palates; our key ingredients being Sai, Lalit and Parna. There was this cracker chemistry behind the scenes amongst them, which has certainly infused onto the screen. A great example of this chemistry is this stunning image we saw come alive in the shoot. And we thought what better way to transfer our energy and excitement to the audience! All three of them have interesting and identifiable characters, which they have worked hard to portray in a unique and real way, under the sumptuous direction of Mohit Takalkar. Everything is coming together nicely and we are looking forward to serve up this wholesome film to the audience on the 5th of June.”

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Director Mohit Takalkar confirms, “The eclectic mix of Lalit, Sai and Parna is one of the highlights of Medium Spicy. Each of them has distinct personalities, work methods and energies but here they perfectly blend together by complimenting each other aptly, creating a fine balance of romance and drama.”

According to sources close to the production house, the team organically decided on 5th June to be the ideal release date as it gave them enough time to complete the film and since it is post the summer break and just before the onset of the monsoons, it gives a window for everyone to go to the theatres in a relaxed mood and enjoy a film like ‘Medium Spicy’.

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Landmarc Films’ Medium Spicy builds a potpourri of relationships, love and marriage in our urban lives. Alongside Sai Tamhankar, Parna Pethe and Lalit Prabhakar, the film also boasts of an interesting ensemble with Sagar Deshmukh, Neha Joshi, Pushkaraj Chirputkar and Ipshitaa complimented by veteran actors Neena Kulkarni and Ravindra Mankani, all playing key characters. With this Starter, we are all already drooling for the Main Course now.