Dr. Ravi Kant,
B.Sc.; DHMS(Hons.); M.D.(Hom.) 

A city cannot survive with the proper transport system and if the main road of that city gets blocked or the traffic is slow or not smooth, a lot many problems can arise in running the proper system of that particular city. Thus, I mean to say that such is the kind of system of humanbeings. If there is a roadblock i.e. the intestines get blocked due to impaction of stool, it becomes a very serious situation.

Even if there is no complete blockage of intestines, the sluggish movement of bowels with delayed of partial clearance of stool can give rise to multiple ailments in a person. Constipation has it’s origin due to multiple causes such as lifestyle, medicines, eating habits, mental stress, fear, side-effects of drugs and vaccines, ageing, etc. There are many ailments which originate from constipation. It is said that constipation is the mother of all diseases.

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Constipation can be described as infrequent, the untimely passage of hard, small, unsatisfactory stool with undue exertion of force to completely expel the excreta from bowels; or sense of blockage in the passage of rectum, preventing the stool from being expelled. It could be due to food habits, lack of dietary fiber, lack of exercise, side effect of medicine, pregnancy, excessive use of laxatives, aging, dehydration or emotional causes like fear etc. Even soft stool, if passed partially or with force or is delayed or painful, falls into this category. Constipation can result into excessive flatulence, distention of abdomen, pain, cramps in abdomen, rectum, backache and even nausea and vomiting in severe cases. This disease also causes formation of hemorrhoids, anal fissures and anal fistula causing pain and passage of blood mucous and pus. Severe constipation could sometimes result into reverse peristalsis. This may also happen in infants. Constipation can also be due to ano-rectal tumors and cancer.


• Regular activity, exercise and walk are must to prevent constipation.
• Proper intake of water and other fluids is needed.
• One should eat fibrous food, like salads, green vegetables and fruits or add dietary fiber to one’s meals. Instead of juices patient should take whole fruit, which adds to fiber content.
• Extra fiber like psyllium husk or bran, oats, flax seeds etc can be added to the diet.
• Coarse grains and flour should be taken and maida, besan, corn flour, etc should be avoided.
• Preserved, junk and food with artificial ingredients colors and additives should be avoided.
• Meditation counselling and reassurance should be given to patients with emotional and psychological disabilities, such as grief, fear, indignation and vexation.

Numerous medicines are available in dealing with every aspect of this most common disease in the human race. Every cause and complication can be related and treated, taking into consideration the cause, emotions and persona of each individual exclusively, by arriving at a single remedy after taking into account the totality of symptoms. Different shapes, sizes and consistency of stool, can help in selecting an appropriate remedy for that particular individual, e.g. sheep like, dog like, ribbon like, knotty, joined together with mucous, laced with blood, painful, etc. Mind it !, no two individuals are alike; do not copy paste one case over another individual. Even shape and consistency of stool can change the selection of the remedy, from a host of drugs after individualisation, for fast, painless and permanent annihilation of the disease.


Consult, trust and confide in your physician for CURE, and stop self-medication.