By Kabir M Ali

The idea of THE MUMBAI FEST came into being during one of the discussions of the promoters, all born and brought up in Mumbai. Having traveled worldwide, they realized that no place could quite match up to the dynamism of Aamchi Mumbai. They share the pride of their birthplace and ONE LOVE for the city with every Mumbaikar. Like artists who manifest their desires in their work, our promoters came up with the three day Mumbai fest and have set up a trust to facilitate the same.

The festival is organized by ‘The Mumbai Fest – Charitable Trust’, set up for a noble cause of building healthier, hunger free, litter-free caring Mumbai through promotion & celebration of Mumbai’s culture & art. The fest is associated with causes like – Hunger Free India, World Peace Submit, Plastic Free Swacch Mumbai, Blood Donation Drive, Healthier Mumbai. Drum Cafe, world’s number one interactive drumming company is all set to go for the Guinness book of world records with 2100 drums being played together for the first time ever at the fest. Leading professionals passionate about Mumbai have come together to form the charitable trust which is spearheaded by Dr. Vinod Hasal (President), Amarnath Sharda (Secretary), Krishna Kumar Singh (Vice President), Harjeet Singh Anand (Treasurer), Pranav Jayaram (Trustee), Capt. Avinash Singh (Promoter), Kiku Sharda (Promoter).

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MISSION -To Encourage Multi-Lingual & Multi-Cultural Integration , promote artists & talent in an open environment.

VISION- To create an iconic fest that celebrates the spirit of Mumbai and strengthens the sentiment of humanity, unity, and peace across India and boundaries. To serve as a global art platform and deliver an extravagant experience created with a melange of art, music, dance, food, heritage, and culture.

THE MUMBAI FEST is a celebration of the city that reaches out to us with its unconditional ONE LOVE. On the 28th, 29th and 30th of December, 3 lakhs sq.f t. MMRDA grounds will be transformed into 7 unique islands-inspired by Mumbai’s history.