The Meeting of Kakkar and Narayan Khandan on Indian Idol season 11 for Neha and Adi’s marriage?

This weekend Indian Idol season 11 will have double celebration as Bollywood’s most adored singers who had ruled for more than two decades Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan will be gracing the sets of the Indian Idol Season 11. A fun filled banter tickled between Udit Narayan and Neha Kakkar when he was teasing Neha taking his son Aditya’s name. Marking a joyous new year celebration Indian Idol and the entire team welcomed them whole heartedly with a bang.After the performance of Shahzan Mujeeb.

Udit Narayan especially mentioned that he has been following Indian Idol season 11 since its starting and believes , “All the contestants are extremely talented, He further mentioned that there was another reason which made me come on the stage of India Idol that was I am keen in making Neha my daughter in law. Not only Udit Narayan but Aditya’s mother Deepa Narayan also came on the sets of Indian Idol to convince Neha so that she becomes the “Bahu” of Narayan Khandan.”

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Even Neha’s parents came on the sets. In humour way even they agreed for Neha and Aditya’s marriage which made Aditya very happy. To which Neha teasingly replied what fun it would it be, if she agrees so early in the season.