The Legend of Michael Mishra

‘Nugatory Tale…’

“Movie Review by G( Diva Solgama”
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There are many actors who get typecast into certain genre or roles. Arshad Warsi is one such actor who has been immensely loved for his comic antics, despite giving us some powerful performances in films like ‘Sehar’. Sadly, none of his recent comedies manage to tickle the funny bones except for the franchise films like ‘Golmaal’, ‘Dhamaal’ or ‘Ishqiya’. Though, there was an exceptional film like ‘Jolly LLB’, which portrayed the comical as well as a dramatic side of Arshad Warsi. With series of bad to worse films on his shoulders, he is back with yet another comedy ‘The Legend of Michael Mishra’. So let’s find out whether Arshad Warsi will utilize his true potential or might continue his flop marathon over the box-office.

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mic-fiji‘The Legend of Michael Mishra’ is a story of a kidnapper Michael Mishra (Arshad Warsi) who falls in love with Varsha Shukla (Aditi Rao Hydari). In order to win Varsha’s heart, Michael moves into her society and startsexchanging love letters with her. Michael receives a love letter from Varsha where she requests him to leave his bad work due to which Michael surrenders himself and confesses all his crimes. The judge announces five hundred years of imprisonment. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

The story makes no sense and is totally illogical. The movie also has a childhood love story which seems stupid as it unfolds in the end. Arshad Warsi is just sleep walking in this movie and fails to connect with his character. KayozeIrani’s antics are highly irritating. You might smile in a couple of scenes like Arshad getting sentenced in the court followed by Aditi’s audition in English, but besides that there is nothing comical in this movie. The movie keeps dragging on and on with loads of unwanted tracks such as the whole Kala Pani jail which looks like a ruined haunted fort. Arshad participating in a talent show and eating around two hundred chilies is totally ridiculous. It’s like he ate them and the pain is felt by the viewers. Aditi’s struggling track followed by her rude behavior in the climax is totally hamming. Such scenes are endless in number and the climax part is the worst. The cinematography is not up to the mark and fails to enhance the film.

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There is not even a single decent track in this movie. All songs act as a filler and fail to get registered. Director Manish Jha is known for his hard-hitting film ‘Matrubhoomi’ and some wonderful songs from ‘Anwar’. Sadly, out here none of his brilliance is visible. It’s shocking to know that a director with so much caliber ends up giving this filthy work in the name of cinema.

Arshad Warsi is stale and repetitive. He needs to work hard on his looks and typical mannerisms. Aditi Rao Hydari looks good, but suffers badly due to the half-baked role. BomanIrani is wasted. KayozeIrani is loud and irritating. Yuri Suri is unintentionally funny.

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So on an overall basis ‘The Legend of Michael Mishra’ is just a nugatory tale filled with stale drama.

Rating – 0.5/5