Not many are blessed with the gift to heal like Guru P. Shavadev Raju. And he sure is helping the ill with his God-gift.

Popularly known as Guruji, P. Shavadev Raju is an illiterate tribal chief, yet he is proficient in English and very articulate. And he is blessed with the power to heal mankind from deadly diseases like asthma, diabetes and blood pressure – all with the aid of Ayurveda.

Interestingly, all his knowledge has not been learnt through a formal course of education, but got in legacy from his ancestors. With time, patience and practice, Guruji, along with his associates has mastered the art of using jungle herbs and shrubs to cure people. He belongs to a tribe of Sabari Bhils, who earlier lived in the jungles on the border of Andhra Pradesh, MP and Orissa.


guruji-fijitimes“As tribals our needs are only the basic. We have very few wants. But times are changing,” he says.

As for his knowledge, he beams, “There are no books available for us; it is all in the brain.” Guruji has lent a helping hand to many people and cured them of deadly diseases. “My mission is to cure people and popularise herbal medicine,” he informs. As for the future, he says, “We aim to set up an Ayurveda Sansthan. We are planning to send a few of our children to study Ayurveda, so that it will help them write books about Adivasi medicine and popularize our knowledge bank.”