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The folklores of Paramavatar Shri Krishna

As India’s leading Hindi General Entertainment Channel and a responsible broadcaster, Zee TV has always placed its viewers on the highest pedestal over the past 27 years. The channel has always kept its audience entertained through thick and thin. In fact, during this crucial phase of social distancing where each of us is fighting a battle to safeguard ourselves from the pandemic, Zee TV is set to take its viewers on a spiritual journey that will evoke hope amongst each and everyone of us. Narrating various fascinating chronicles of the natkhat Krishna and depicting the mischievous side to this MakhanChor, Zee TV has brought back the immensely popular show, Paramavatar Shri Krishna and it will air everyday from Monday to Sunday at 6 pm.

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Known to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu, Krishna often stunned his elders with his profound philosophy and actions that frequently defied the conventional norms. Highlighting this free spirited side of Lord Krishna, Paramavatar Shri Krishna will give us a colourful representation of his each incarnation while enchanting viewers with his various and diverse facets. It will also present the victorious tale of Krishna’s triumph over the evil Kans mama’s tyranny, while giving us a glimpse of the warrior within him. With lavish sets, intricate costumes and jewellery, the show will truly be a visual delight. Presenting NirnaySamadhiya as Lord Krishna, GungunUprari as Yashodha and Sachin Shroff as Nand Baba, the show also features a stellar ensemble cast including the likes of Neha Sargam (Lakshmi) Vishal Karwal (Vishnu), Gulki Joshi (Devaki), Chaitanya Chaudhary (Vasudev) and Manish Wadhwa (Kans).

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Talking about the show’s return, Zee TV Business Head Aparna Bhosle said, “India’s rich cultural heritage has some truly fascinating mythological folklore that continues to occupy a special place in the hearts of our viewers. These age-old stories, no matter how many times narrated, always manage to captivate audience interest. Lord Krishna’s story is a timeless tale that is relevant even today and should hopefully connect with the audience. We have seen Paramavatar Shri Krishna evoke spirituality, hope and compassion among many viewers across India in the past. So at a time where each one of us clutches on to hope for a better future, we believe the marvelous miracles of Lord Krishna will rekindle this positive spirit amongst each one us.”

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Delighted to revisit his character of Krishna, the young actor Nirnay Samadhiya said, “I really enjoyed playing the character of Krishna because to me he is a superhero, in fact, I felt powerful each time I enacted a scene. I remember, the entire team of the show would pamper me and I miss shooting with them. During those days, I also didn’t get much of a chance to see myself on TV, so now that the show is returning, I am really glad that I can watch all the episodes.”