Home Entertainment The concept of a Best-Friend is cursedfor me” reveals Reem Shaikh

The concept of a Best-Friend is cursedfor me” reveals Reem Shaikh

‘Tujhse Hai Raabta’, one of Zee TV’s popular fiction dramas, has kept its audiences hooked with its heartwarming narrative of a unique mother-daughter relationship that emerges between a young girl and her step-mother. The character of Kalyani, played by the teen heart-throb Reem Shaikh, has been getting a lot of appreciation from the viewers and the actor enjoys a whopping fan following across her social media platforms. The recent track has been high on drama with Ahir forcing Malharto divorce Kalyani and forcing her to marry Rajat.

Reem, who is loved by her fans due to her cute and outgoing nature recently revealed that she does not believe in the term ‘best-friends.’ On being asked about her thoughts on friendship, Reem said, “I have had my share of bad experiences in the past when it comes to the idea of making best friends out of people I love or feel special about. This phrase is cursed for me and I try to avoid using it even with the most special group of friends I have.”

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She further adds, “I am quite young and while it may be a decision in haste, I would like to stick by my choice of tags I prefer to give to my special people. None of this implies that I have been depriving myself of great company. In fact I have an exclusive 3 am friend circle with Avneet Kaur, Sehban and Shagun along with others who are my favourite set of friends.”

Is Reem creating new #3AMGoals over #BFFGoals for netizens?!