Thappad is not an answer to Kabir Singh

Pavail Gulati is best known for his work in web series such as ‘Made in Heaven’, ‘Ghost Stories’ and TV show ‘Yudh’, featuring megastar Amitabh Bachchan.

The actor, who will be essaying the role of Taapsee Pannu’s husband in his upcoming movie ‘Thappad’, shared his thoughts about the comparison with Kabir Singh. The actor who was unsure about taking up the challenge with social drama movie, later boarded the Anubhav Sinha directorial with the realization that the film addresses a larger issue, the normalisation of domestic violence.

In a recent interview when the actor was asked how he ended up being a part of the film, Pavail said “Looking at the one-line of the film about a husband who hits his wife and the story goes on from there, I was a little reserved about being a part of it. It felt like a one-sided story but when I started reading the script, I was sure I wanted to do it,” the talented actor added, “It’s a well-written script which shows both points of view. This is very rare in films as we often prioritise one part and show it as good and bad. It is not a male-bashing film. It is a balanced film. The film is about a relationship between a couple and the social dynamics around them,”

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Pavail also opens about how it was challenging to play the role because he couldn’t relate to it, and while sharing his experience the actor said, “It was difficult to play this part because I was not brought up this way. I had to think of the reasons why my character was behaving this way. It was difficult to justify what I was doing. Anubhav Sinha sir guided me a lot. The idea was that people should relate to the part,”.

The charming actor added his view point, “We want people to come to theatres, especially men, and think about whether they have done something like this or ever taken things for granted. Normalising a slap has been done for the longest time in our lives, now let’s normalise talking about it. People are shy to talk about it. Let’s go one step at a time. Let’s chat and debate about it,”.

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It is Pavail’s first lead role and the actor said that he was waiting for the right opportunity to come his way, and the news was broke to him by his Ghost Stories director Anurag Kashyap.

The actor has always been clear with his choices and waited for the right opportunities to arrive. Pavail opened about how he got casted for the movie, “I had been doing such roles for the longest time and I believe there is a role that is made for you and you just do it. This film happened very quickly. I tested for it and then flew to London to shoot Ghost Stories. Anubhav sir saw my test and liked it. He had spoken to Anurag sir as the dates of this film were clashing with Ghost Stories. Anurag sir broke the news of Thappad to me. They both tried to change my dates and it all worked out,”.

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On the release of the trailer, Thappad was being considered as an answer to Kabir Singh by many on social media. During the interview, the actor was asked whether there was any connection between Kabir Singh and Thappad, Pavail said, “I don’t think it is an answer to anyone, nobody asked us a question. We are not trying to relate our film with them. It is not that the idea came out of Kabir Singh.” He also adds “Anubhav sir had this idea for the longest time. It is just because of the timing of the film that people are comparing it with Kabir Singh. We made this film because we believed in it,”.