The Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Local Government, Housing and Community Development, Hon. Premila Kumar welcomed a team of Special Administrators who will hold office in the same capacity as that of Municipal Councillors at the Suva City Council Chambers today.

Minister Kumar said that commercial decisions are very important and that municipalities cannot continue to run as service centers.

“What I’m presenting to you are very capable people who have wealth of experience in various areas. For Suva City Council, what we really needed was a group of people who can think collectively for the benefit of our ratepayers, and they are also able to make commercial decisions.”

Minister Kumar also stated that ratepayers expect a lot from Municipal Councils and that civic pride is an area that needs to be continuously worked on for improvement.

“With the team now on board, we can definitely work in a number of areas to bring about change in our people, their expectations and our delivery of those services.”