Talent of recruiting global talents for Australia: Amitava Deb

By Indranil Halder

It was a splendid afternoon, I enjoyed having lunch at the upmarket Merivale Mimi’s in the beach suburb of Coogee with Amitava Deb. Amitava is a migration agent who recruits amazingly talented people for a bright Australian future.

Who is Amitava?

Born in India to migrant parents, he is a Gold medallist from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India, where he studied Computer Science and Engineering. His father Prof. Amiya Kumar Deb is second batch of Electrical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, who retired as a Professor and Principal of Jorhat Engineering College in Assam, India. Amitava has worked as a Global Chief Information Officer at Reliance Globalcom (Global business wing of Reliance Infocomm) for 2 years, and several other multinational companies as a top executive.

After travelling around the globe in more than 50 countries, he is now settled in Sydney. Today, he is a talented migration agent and lawyer who studied migration law in University of Technology, Sydney. His company is DMS Migration.  Based in Surry Hills, Sydney. He has served clients in Australia, the Indian sub-continent and recruited many from across the globe. It  includes countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hongkong, Cambodia, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, UK, France, Germany, South Africa, Fiji, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and the USA.

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Recruiting global talent for Australia :

As a migration agent, Amitava feels proud of his own migrant heritage. His parents who were born in erstwhile East Pakistan or Bangladesh and then were displaced due to partition of the richest province of India- Bengal. Like many millions of Bengalis, his family carry the trauma of partition while they were forced to migrate for a safer life. It has been a life changing experience for his family and the very essence of why he is a migration agent today.

Enjoying his grilled prawns at Mimi’s, like a true  Bengali, Amitava said, “Migration is a topic close to my heart. I want to lead such efforts to help people migrate to Australia and develop Australia with their talents.”Looking out into the blue ocean and golden Coogee beach, I wonder , is Amitava’s GTV recruitments bringing India and Australia closer?

The answer is Yes.

Recent business events such as the Australia India International Business Summit by Australia India Business Council in Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney and India Australia Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne, made me realise that, Australia is gearing up for technology innovations for a productive future. It is happening as the country is faced  with an acute shortage of staffs, let alone employable talents.

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Also, Amitava understands the different types of visas offered by the Australian Immigration Office to tailor the best possible pathway to migrate to Australia. One of Amitava’s client is an Indian businessman who leads the industry of innovation in utilising diary waste such as pharma grade lactose. In India, it is used extensively but crippled with limited local production. Exporting such pharma grade lactose from Australia to India, can definitely help Indian pharmaceutical companies with continuous supply and meet their high demand.

At Mimi’s, as the waiter in white jacket poured chilled water in our glasses like a sudden monsoon rain, Amitava said with pride,”There are others as well, who had used GVT pathway and migrated through my agency.” Another GTV client, a PhD from Monash University, is an innovator in biodegradable polymers – a zero carbon solution to plastics. He is a Indian gold medalist from IIT Kharagpur and a Bengali  like Amitava, who now calls Australia home and his talent is a benefit to  Australia’s national interest.  And so is the news of one of his client who has migrated to Australia as a blockchain innovator from India and is working with indigenous Australians for development.

Amitava also loves to connect with people from across the globe to enable their talents and benefit Australia. During our lunch, as he excused himself to Mimi’s bar area for a brief zoom call with a potential GTV client, I looked at his DMS Migration website on my iphone, only to realise that one of his client Madhu Pulasseri who recently migrated to Australia on GTV stated, “Amitava is not just a migration agent – he is a guide and mentor who helps his clients through complex processes of immigration, especially when it comes to emerging fields like Global Talent Visas.”

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There are many in the migration agent business but  only few has the passion , knowledge and talent  like Amitava to successfully contribute to Australia’s talent acquisition in global stage. His strong background in academics and technology is visible in our interactions. He is detailed, meticulous and strategic in every aspect, while being available to help his clients irrespective of the time of the day or night. He ensures  that his process is compliant with complex immigration laws too. As we finished our lunch, I left Coogee Pavilion,  knowing, Amitava has truly found his purpose and passion with GVT migration program and cannot wait to hear about the next talent to migrate to Land DownUnder with Amitava’s DMS Migration.