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My Umbrella Purchase : A positive image of Bengal’s Economy

By Indranil Halder Real estate company, Crown Group Holding, Australia, updated Australians saved estimated $230 billion during COVID lockdowns(2019-2021). Time to spend my savings in...

Australia’s ‘ House & Hole’ strategy is unsustainable says : Satyajit...

By Indranil Halder Bloomberg calls him one of the world's 50 most influential financial figures. He was at The Royal Oaks Hotel, Balmain to interview...

Words from Isolation: Abhra Pal

By Indranil Halder Covid pandemic lockdowns are over. International travel is back on track. Directly flew back to Australia from India with Qantas. Next morning,...

A change maker in India’s Rugby Union scene : Akash Balmiki

By Indranil Halder “It take alot more than just skills to play the sport rugby... You need to be fearless... you need to be motivated and you...

Swimming with diversity: Australian Healthcare Week

By Indranil Halder Recently,  I visited Australian Healthcare Week(AHW) exhibition at International Convention Centre, Sydney. It was amazing to watch, some of the 150 Australian Healthcare Solution Providers...

A Bengali Bodybuilder Dares to Dream

By Indranil Halder  After 67 years , a Bengali bodybuilder named Soumya Das won Gold Medal at the iconic Mr. Universe 2019, (professional division) organised by...

Grandeur of Men in Shawl

Article By : Indranil Halder During my Kolkata (Calcutta) teenage years, the Kashmiri shawlwalas (shawl vendors) came to the megacity to sell their exquisite hand-woven...
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