Sydney startup to be “Uber of car cleaning”

    Two Sydney engineers are aiming to become “the Uber of car cleaners” after developing a waterless trade-secreted cleaning technology and enlisting a fleet of “wipe heroes” on scooters to provide an on-demand service to clean vehicles.

    Deputy Premier and Minister for Small Business, John Barilaro, said chemical engineer, Farid Mirmohseni and close friend, mechanical engineer, Reza Keshaverzi, began the tech Startup, WipeHero, which has received a $100,000 Building Partnerships (BP) grant from the private-sector-led, NSW Government-backed Jobs for NSW.

    fiji-car-cleanThe pair plans to take the business onto the international stage after inventing the biodegradable waterless cleaning product.

    “This is a great example of how two young Sydney engineers combined their skills and entrepreneurial talent to create jobs and stimulate the NSW economy,” Mr Barilaro said.

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    “It’s this type of fast-growing, innovative company that the NSW Government wants to invest in, to help Startups like WipeHero grow and create more new jobs.”

    The weekend tradition of washing the family car can use anywhere between 100-200 litres of water — equating to billions of litres of water which would be needed to wash Australia’s 17 million registered cars.

    The company’s smart waterless technology, combined with its online platform, allows WipeHero to service fleets and individual customers anywhere, at any time.

    The product leaves a protective polymer layer on the car which provides protection against UV rays while also prolonging the vehicle’s cleanliness – it saves car owners time while also being eco-friendly.

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    WipeHero, which has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, has recently signed on major car companies, fleets and dealerships and plans to expand to the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

    Farid said the Jobs for NSW Grant was vital in helping to take the company to the next stage of development.

    “We see ourselves as a tech Startup with a patented proprietary product – unlike others in the market, the scalability of our online tech platform has allowed us to expand our services to large fleets such as car sharing companies and dealerships,” Farid said.

    WipeHero plans to have an automated waterless washing prototype soon, allowing them to clean larger carriers such as aircraft and trains.


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