Sydney India Club on Channel’s 7 Sunrise

Lights, Camera, Action – The India Club of Sydney had the great honour and privilege, representing India and Indian culture on the Channel 7’s Sunrise recently, Friday 31st January 2020 morning episode. The Channel 7 Sunrise program displaying world cultures during the week, with Friday being India Day, lead by their Weather Reporter, Sam Mac, and behind the scenes producer,Sean Flynn.Sean contacted Shubha Kumar, President of the Sydney India Club, for a special showcase of India and Indian culture, during the weather report segments with Sam Mac during the Sunrise Program.

Held at the Arthur Whitling Park, in Castle Hill, opposite Castle Towers, which showcase the vibrancy and richness of India and Indian culture, food, dance and enjoy being on live broadcast, across Australia, with Australia’s capital cities and regional centres. Arriving to be broadcasted from 5:30 AM onwards, for the next three hours, the members of the Sydney India Club arrived with enthusiasm, same with their family, friends and peers watching Channel 7 Sunrise at home. At first the food display and presentation from Sonia Sodhi, then the yoga from Abhishek Guru of Yoga Sadhana, followed by the great Bollywood Medley by Mona Grover Deepti Dole SmitaGosavi and Sharayu.Finally finishing off with a lively group Indian dance.


Weather Presenter Sam Mac at his Weather Report Segment announced India Club’s heartfelt collective effort for Bushfire volunteers and the collection of $22,000. Team India Club were elated with this Australia-wide promotion. It was an exhilarating experience for the Sydney India Club, with Shubha Kumar also had great support for the day from her husband, Aksheya, Puneet Grover, Jyoti Dixit and Paul McKenzie. All contributed greatly to make the Sydney India Club and Sydney Indian Community rise to the great occasion on Channel 7 Sunrise, grateful and buoyant.