SUSHANT’s Helicopter Shot!

Sushant Singh Rajput is known for his association with different types of films. Our Bollywood guide ‘G9 DivyaSolgama’ had a privilege to speak to him regarding his latest film ‘M.S Dhoni – The Untold Story’, his interaction with ace cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, about the gossips related to his personal life and about the forthcoming films he has been waiting to watch.

14522380_10157432368585507_1542667214_oSushant, you seem to be fully excited over your latest film ‘M.S.Dhoni – The Untold Story’. So how positively inspiring was the whole process?

Sushant Singh Rajput – I am excited because of the entire preparation and the experience I had during the shooting of ‘M.S.Dhoni – The Untold Story’ was very different. Thus, I am highly excited as while in the most of the films we do there are no reference person, but out here I have a reference person in the form of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.  I have to take care of all his mannerism style, his playing style and all other necessary details. So the main focus out here was to understand him and be like him and perform in front of camera. There were things which I dint know or there were things which I knew but dint know the reasons.Knowing all these details used to surprise me. I have always said that when you do a film with good directors and good scripts you end up being a good actor, but out here I ended up being a good human being.

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Sushant, you invested lots of time in preparation of your latest film ‘M.S.Dhoni – The Untold Story’. So kindly walk us through the hardship related to this movie?

Sushant Singh Rajput – It was not hard, for people it might be hard, but when you like what you do then it’s not hard. We had structured the preparation in three different ways. One was the script where we had NeerajPandey, who knew the intent of the film, the bottom line of each and every scene, doing the research as to know the facts correct, understanding what exactly we are functioning in each and every scene followed by talking about the man (M.S.Dhoni). Second was the mannerism and the diction. So for that I was very clear that while shooting I won’t be thinking about these scenes. I should do any innovation to remind you that I am Dhoni. It should be there with me and then I should be alive in the scene, concentrating and listening to my co-actors. Complete involvement was required.

Sushant, what was the most exciting thing you did while working on your latest film ‘M.S.Dhoni – The Untold Story’?

Sushant Singh Rajput – Singing the contract of the movie ‘M.S.Dhoni’. On a serious note there are many things. I am a big fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Here I am, there asking him questions and he used to answer each and every one of them. In between we take a break and I ask him how you hold your bat and he used to show his stance and style. Just imagine M.S.Dhoni telling you how to play and guide you the best moves of the game is something that would stay with me forever.

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Sushant, you learnt a lot from Mahendra Singh Dhoni, but in return did you give him some tips over acting?

Sushant Singh Rajput – M.S Dhoni is a very good actor. If you watch the video we did for promotional activity in which he is asking me about the film. The scripted lines were just five or six. I came up with a line just like that and he instantly reacted over it and I reacted back and again reacted over it. The way he was active and reacted back it shows sign of being a good actor. In future if he decides to be an actor then we need to think about our plan B, as Dhoni is best in what he does.

Sushant, lots have been spoken about your personal life. How do you deal with such negativity?

Sushant Singh Rajput – When people talk anything negative against me then that’s their problem. It’s not my problem. First of all I would not get to know and even if I get to know it does not affect me. It affects them, so they need to figure it out, it’s not my problem. But when we are talking about an important story of ‘M.S.Dhoni’, we have worked hard over it and want to share the experience with you. But all they want to know is about my personal life, that’s not fair. Let the movie release and then I would feel free to talk about my personal life as this is not the right time. I will definitely talk about my personal life when there is no film to be released. I expect people to understand these facts.

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Sushant, you are an ardent film lover who keeps watching almost every new Hindi film. So which are the forthcoming films you want to watch?

Sushant Singh Rajput – I want to watch many forthcoming films. ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ and ‘Dangal’ are on the top of the list. I like Ranbir Kapoor as an actor and have grown up watching Karan Johar’s films, so totally excited for their latest film.

Sushant, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a huge fan following. So what will you do if anything goes wrong while impersonating him?

Sushant Singh Rajput – They will never find me (laughs).

(Source – Bollywood Times)