Sushant Singh Rajput on this month’s cover of The Man !

Epitomizing the great Indian dream, Sushant Singh Rajput in the short span of his career has already established himself as a talent to watch out for ! Not the one to take the conventional route , the young Gen-X has taken risks every step of the way , metamorphosing into his versatile characters with chameleon-like ease, something he enjoys doing.

Sushant Singh Rajput celebrates the spirit of young India on this month’s cover of The Man, as he gets candid about how he picks his characters, his take on method acting and the trappings of stardom among other subjects.

In an excerpt from the interview says Sushant, “I like unpredictability, I like not knowing, not being careful at times and trying out different things so that, once in a while, you stumble onto something that is absolutely new. That is yours. Otherwise, you’re just a very good repetition of something that has already been done.”​