Super Dancer’s first male Kathak performer, Dhairya Tandon aspires to go global!

In today’s time most youngsters are more eager to learn western dance forms. But, the young 9-year-old, Dhairya Tandon from Ludhiana, decided to take a different path and took up an Indian classical dance form, Kathak.

When most kids his age are enamoured by modern dance forms, Dhairya was inspired by Pandit Birju Maharaj. He wants to take Kathak around the world and work towards honing his craft. He floored the judges with his super energetic moves. Interestingly, Dhairya is the first male contestant to perform Kathak on the stage of Sony Entertainment Television’s dance reality show, Super Dancer.

Though Dhairya is determined to pursue Kathak, it’s not been easy for him as he chose an unchartered path at such a young age. His family was not very supportive initially as no one from his family had ever taken up dancing. Also, they were apprehensive about his choice of dance form. But after realising his passion for the art, his family has extended complete support. His uncle admitted that previously he did not support him but now his outlook has changed. His grandfather fondly calls him Birju Tandon.

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Dhairya’s sheer commitment and talent is resulting in people around him changing their outlook towards him. Today, in school he is known as Chota Birju Maharaj. At this tender age, Dhairya has the vision to learn and promote Kathak as a dance form all over the world. Not only this, one of his classmates was inspired by his passion towards Kathak and now he has also started learning the dance form. Way to go Dhairya!