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StarPlus and Ekta Kapoor are back with their show

Ekta Kapoor Television Interview

Qayamat Ki Raat has the perfect blend of love, thrill and fantasy” – Ekta Kapoor

StarPlus and Ekta Kapoor are back with their show, Qayamat Ki Raat. This never seen before fantasy-thriller promises a break from the tear-jerking shows for your weekend viewing routine. Starring, VivekDahiya as Rajwardhan, KarishmaTanna as Gauri, Dalljiet Kaur as Karuna, DipikaKakkar as Suhasini, AbhinavKohli as Mahendra, Apara Mehta as Madhuri and NirbhayWadhwa as the Tantrik, here are excerpts from a chat with Ekta Kapoor as she talks about the show and more…

What made you come up with the idea of Qayamat Ki Raat?

My team and I are always working towards getting newer stories for the audience. The core of this concept was when we realized that even though “being scared” is a very strong emotion, we hardly experience it in our daily lives. People are scared to be scared. So we worked out the story of Qayamat Ki Raat which brings spook back in our lives.

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The show seems to belong to the supernatural and fantasy genre. Do you think this will be appealing to a universal audience?  

I think this comes from the need of our constant endeavour to produce newer content for the audience. Having said that, this genre of supernatural fantasy has a universal appeal. A child will enjoy it as much as an adult of a middle/aged youngster. The thrill in any story is always fun to watch. As far as Qayamat Ki Raat is concerned, it is a show which presents the story of a spine chilling TANTRIK on television. It is a fantasy thriller which is high on emotions of romance, lust and vengeance promises to keep the audience at the edge of their seats with its plot twists and high drama. As a complete family entertainer, the show unfolds the story of a young couple who are tested when faced with the power of the tantrik’s curse.

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The storyline primarily revolves around the Tantrik, like you said. What went into conceptualising the look of the Tantrik?

The tantrik‘s look itself has been worked upon for months with detailed prosthetics unlike anything else seen on television. We have international prosthetic artist Mark Troy on board who has aced the look from scratch. Nirbhay Wadhwa who plays the Tantrik has done a commendable job on his body to justify the role and the prosthetic make-up further makes the character a must-watch.

What is the USP of this show according to you?

Qayamat Ki Raat is a fresh story about human emotions being tested with supernatural forces. The unexplored folklore of ‘Tantrik Kabhi Martein Nahin’ becomes the terrifying nightmare of the lead couple.


How did you zero in on the lead cast for this show?

I have worked with both VivekDahiya and KarishmaTanna in the past. I have immense faith in their fresh pairing. Both are phenomenally talented actors who have got the vision of my team with regards to the show bang on. Along with Karishma and Vivek, I have also got back  Apara Mehta who plays the grandmother of Karishma’s character. Nirbhay Wadhwa plays the most important character of the Tantrik in the show. We also have Abhinav Kohli, Dalljeit Kaur and Dipika Kakkar on the show is equally important roles. The show has romance, family drama and thrill at the heart of the fantastical context.