Sri Lankan & Indian Duo Elected to Lead Nsw Young Labor Forward

NSW Young Labor has elected members from Sub-continent backgrounds to occupy its two most senior positions – President and Secretary. On Monday, Geeth Geeganage (a first generation Sri Lankan migrant) and Sravya Abbineni (of south Indian cultural heritage) – were elected as President and Secretary respectively. This is a rare occurrence and reflects the leaps and bounds being made by the Sub- continent community is making in the realm of politics.

Geeth Geeganage will be the first President of NSW Young Labor from a Sub-continent background in the organisation’s history, and this will be the first time since 2005 that the positions of President and Secretary have been occupied simultaneously by culturally diverse members (Senator Sam Dastyari and NSW Labor frontbencher Prue Car held the positions of President and Secretary respectively in 2005).


At a time where Pauline Hanson and the far-right are looking to demonise those who come from abroad, NSW Young Labor has embraced them and reaffirmed Labor’s support for a modern, multicultural Australia. NSW Young Labor is the largest youth political organisiation in the country, and boasts former Presidents including former NSW Premier Bob Carr, former Prime Minister Paul Keating and Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese.

Quotes attributable to Geeth Geeganage “I think the election of a first generation immigrant to the most senior role in the youth wing of a major political party is a true reflection of the modern, multicultural society we live in.” “Diversity is one of the Labor Party’s great strengths and I think the Labor Party not only talks the talk on diversity – it walks the walk. Our differences make us a stronger and more
agile political movement.”