Sony SAB presents an unrivaled love story in ‘Jijaji Chhath Per Hain’

Sony SAB latest show ‘JijajiChhathPer Hain’ is all set to tickle the funny bones of its viewers with its distinguished storyline. The show revolves around the life of Elaichi (Hiba Nawab), a free spirited girl and Pancham (Nikhil Khurana), a quintessential struggler. The audience will witness a unique pair of Jija- Saali, where Elaichi’s eccentricities and Pancham’s helplessness will create hilarious circumstances in the show.

Set in the backdrop of Chandini Chowk in Delhi, Elaichi stays with her sweet mother played by  SomaRathod and a grumpy father, Murari played by AnupUpadhayay; who runs a Lehenga shop. Every year Elaichi flunks in school to avoid marriage. Murari decides to rent out his Barsati (small room on the roof) only to married couples. That’s when Pancham enters Elaichi’s life. Pancham, a struggling music director who packed his bare essentials and came to the city hoping to get into music industry had to knock at Murari’s door asking for a temporary job and a roof over his head. Pancham’s life turns upside down when he starts to work at Murari’slehenga shop and lives in their Barsati along with his undisclosed wife Pintu and soon they both fall directly in the purview of Elaichi’s pranks. This makes prankster, Elaichi, refer to Pancham as Jijaji (brother-in-law) and Pintu Bhabhi as Jiji (sister). The always happy go lucky and naughty Elaichi is perpetually up to her antics in troubling and teasing her Jijaji.

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The other characters like a gossiping barber, a good for nothing inspector and Elaichi’s best friend who is her partner in all the crimes adds humor in the show. There is more to this than it meets the eye and things will get revealed with time.