Sonu Sood arranges for a cricket pitch!

Always the fronting humanitarian causes, Sonu Sood took the initiative to create a cricket pitch for kids in his vicinity. A cricket fanatic himself, the talented actor arranged for the pitch in a month’s span, which he will take to in his free time to play with the kids.

Living in a city where huge playgrounds are hard to come by, kids find it disheartening to not have a place to play. To remedy this, Sonu decided to get started on making a cricket pitch in the backyard of his society complex.

A source says, “Only recently Sonu gifted the kids in his society cricket gear and kit. After playing cricket with them, he realised that they didn’t have proper levelled grounds in the premises. He immediately planned to make a pitch. He encourages kids to play more outdoor games to keep themselves fit rather than playing video games indoors.”