Some companies are overloading our roads to maximize their profits – FRA

The Fiji Roads Authority says some companies are consistently and knowingly overloading our roads to maximize their profits. Speaking at the Fiji Roads Information Forum at Novotel in Lami, CEO John Hutchison says these companies are doing it to maximize their profits but is at the expense of tax payers who pay for good road conditions.

Hutchinson says businesses or individuals responsible for damaging our roads will be billed the cost of cleanup and repairs. He has also highlighted that FRA contractors should set the example and not overload our roads.

Hutchinson says they will not accept FRA’s Contractors or Subcontractors overloading our roads. He adds that the FRA is now working with have LTA, local businesses and government to stamp this issue out.

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Hutchinson says that roads are built to last 25 years with maintenance every 10 months but with the problem of over-loading it reduces the life of our roads to 3-4 years. He also highlighted that another area of priority for them is street light maintenance.

He says that contract is for 15-20 years with an outlay by FRA to have more than double the number of streetlights from 8,750 to 20,000 of which 30 percent to be solar powered while the majority are to be LED.

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