SME owners need to know to help you get back on your feet

As many businesses begin to reopen, this week’s Business Australia Coronavirus update tackles everything SME owners need to know to help you get back on your feet.

1. Is your business struggling to pay the rent due to Coronavirus? There has never been a better time to renegotiate your lease to ensure the future success of your business. Click below to download a free 10 step guide to renegotiating your lease.

2. 72% of businesses will have reduced cash over the next two months. A key decision facing business owners is whether to change prices to build cash flow. Click below for a handy checklist on whether to change pricing of your product or service.

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3. As more businesses reopen, some business owners are faced with the challenge of adding new employees online. Click below for a guide to attracting and selecting employees in the Coronavirus world including tips for conducting online interviews.

4. Are you doing online interviews when recruiting new employees? Making them feel welcome and inducting them into the company is more difficult online than face to face. Click here for a Checklist on how to officially welcome new employees online

5. The most successful businesses all have a written business plan. Use your spare time during Coronavirus to ensure your business strategy is carefully planned. Click below to download a free guide on how to write a business plan in 5 simple steps.