Slim Secrets

When it comes to Australian health food brands, none has led the global charge and promoted Australia as a leader in healthy snacking more than Slim Secrets. The brand’s main growth goal for 2017 was to expand its global footprint at an aggressive level – particularly in Asia. As this campaign has unfolded, with content appearing on China’s WeChat, Weibo and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), Slim Secrets products are capturing the interests of consumers across Asia like never before. Beyond China, Slim Secrets has a growing number of followers in Korea, whilst the brand has also been touted by a leading Japanese publication as an on-trend brand to watch in 2018, with Google’s Head Office in Japan already counted as customers.


Another crucial element connecting Slim Secrets products at a local level to their communities are its iconic Ambassadors, a dream team of four strong women from both the Sporting and Entertainment sectors. “My mission this year was to increase our global expansion, and tennis hero Angelique Kerber and singer Avril lavigne, who counts as one of China’s biggest international influencers – have taken us further than imagined. They are recognised by countless consumers for their genuine and fun content, said CEO and Founder Sharon Thurin.

“In 2018, we are looking forward to working with our newer brand ambassadors, Sally Pearson and Sophie Monk, as the brand unfolds some exciting innovations and collaborations. It remains important to us that we continue to promote out products in a way that puts the fun and enjoyment into snacking with smarter choices… and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!”