‘Simran’ – movie review  By Divya Solgama

Expectations –
Movie making is a tough task. In the retro era the funding of a film was most toughest part followed by managing dates of the stars. With changing times and arrival of the corporate world, it’s the marketing and right release which are even tougher. Thus, right from the first look of a film to its teaser followed by the trailer and right amount of publicity, the movie has to get every card placed in right manner. If one card goes wrong there is hardly any scope to improvise it. The posters or trailers often sets up a particular expectation in the audience’s mind and sometimes the whole movie is totally different. The posters of ‘Mera Naam Joker’ promised a comical film or the trailers of ‘Tamashaa’ reminding of ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ are few such examples of film promotion being totally different than its main product. Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Queen’ was a great film and was loved by classes as well as the masses. This success followed by the success of ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ motivated all her next filmmakers to add certain elements of these films in their marketing strategy. We have seen such strategies in case of many big superstars and even for some small movie wonders. Kangana’s latest film ‘Simran’ also has the vibes of ‘Queen’ and is in news due to Kangana’s daringly bold interviews. Thus, let’s find out whether ‘Simran’ will manage to surpass the mammoth expectations or might end up being one of those films which are made only to cash-in over its past glory.

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‘Simran’ is a story of a Praful Patel (Kangana Ranaut), a divorcee who is trying to organise her life in The United States of America. Praful’s parents (Hiten Kumar and Kishori Sahane) wants her to settle down with a nice Gujarati boy. Praful on the other hand is planning to buy her own residence and lead a peaceful life. In order to avoid her parents constant cribbing, Praful goes on a Las Vegas tour with her cousin. Out there she accidently starts gambling and wins a big amount. This motivates her to gamble more and in order to do so, she starts losing her hard earned savings. In a desperate moment Praful takes a huge amount from a money launder and again lose everything in gamble. The money laundering guys need their money and sets a time limit for Praful. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technical Details:
The basic story line is inspired from a real-life happenings and has been presented in totally French cinema style. The movie takes loads of time to come on its right track. The trailers are misleading and thus one finds hard to adjust themselves into the world of Kangana Ranaut. The narrative is super slow and lethargic at times in the first half of the film. There are some moments of relief in the scenes set in Las Vegas, especially when Kangana is gambling and losing every single penny. These scenes along with few more add life to the snail pace film. The second half is slightly better in comparison to the first half as now you know what the real movie is all about and all the myths related to the trailer are crushed to the fullest. The scenes featuring Kangana trying to arrange money by looting banks are enjoyable and has a quirky humour attached to it. The quirky humour keeps appearing in between and ends up as a saving grace for its viewers. If only the trailers would had reveal the real genre of the film, the impact would had been much better. ‘Simran’ is not a bad film, infact its very well made with pure heart and neat emotions attached to it. It’s just that the expectations fails to meet and the tone of the film is very niche and will appeal only to all those who love film-festival types of movies. The movie starts with overdose of English and Gujarati dialogues. There are many cinematic liberties taken related to bank robberies and everything is shown in quite convenient manner. The narrative should have been more crisp as out here at various intervals the movie keeps dragging with minimal screen happenings. The romantic track lacks the magic and fails to work in the favour of the film. The regressive mindset of Kangana’s father and others seemed forced. Technically, this movie is brilliant. The cinematography is of top notch and gives you a feeling of watching a international film.

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The music is strictly average with ‘Baras Ja’ and ‘Simran’ being the only saving grace in this film. Though, background score is superb and goes perfectly with the flow of the film.
Director Hansal Mehta narrates this movie in quite slow and lethargic manner. The international styling might appeal a certain sect of pseudo film lovers but will disappoint all others. The director could have done wonders with this script, if only he would had added more detailing and a taut screenplay. The trailers are misleading and thus will impact the movie in negative manner. ‘Simran’ is a well made film with less soul attached to it.

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Kangana Ranaut looks smashing in her role. Her performance is flawless and displays many different layers. Sadly, all her efforts get diluted due to weak screenplay and over intellect direction. Soham Shah, Hiten Kumar and Kishori Shahane lends good support. Though, Hiten Kumar’s character is loud and regressive. The American actors are terrible and overacts in every scene, especially the actor whom Kangana gets attracted in Las Vegas and the money lender. They seem to be actors from Kanti Shah type of movies.

Final Verdict:
So on an overall basis ‘Simran’ is a well-made lethargic film. The genre of this movie will appeal only to certain set of audience and the majority ones will end up on a disappointing note. It’s sad for Kangana as her performance has the same energy as she had in ‘Queen’.
Rating – 2/5 [Source – Bollywood Times]