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Shilpa Shetty pays the ultimate honor to a choreographer on Super Dancer 2!

This season of Super Dancer Chapter 2 has been one of the most successful dance reality show so far. With back to back awe-inspiring performances, contestants are winning the hearts of the audience and don’t want to leave behind a single reason to keep the show in the news. In the upcoming Sunday episode (11 March), viewers will surely be glued to their screens as the show celebrates Motherhood with a Mother’s special theme The versatile singer, Sunidhi Chauhan who recently became a proud mother made her first appearance after having a baby boy. She was overwhelmed to see the breathtaking performances in the show.

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The entire episode was a melting pot of emotions as everyone including Shilpa Shetty and Sunidhi Chauhan became nostalgic when it came to their mothers. Shilpa also narrated a few instances about how her mother used to handle everything at the same time and she has realized the importance of a mother after being one. The highlight of the evening was a beautiful performance by Super Dancer Akash Thapa and Vivek which got everyone teary-eyed on the set. The act showcased the intense love between a mother and a son which touched Shilpa’s heart. She said that whenever she has learnt any dance form from anyone, she has touched the feet of her choreographer, no matter the age. She stated that Vivek has created such a beautiful act that as a form of respect, she wants to touch his feet. It was such a moment of honour for the choreographer when Super Judge Shilpa jumped on the stage to touch his feet in front of everyone. She said that Vivek has earned this respect and he will go miles in his career for more achievements. This act of Shilpa left everyone speechless on the show.

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Sunidhi also gave a special performance on one of her melodious song, ‘Aisa Kyu Maa’ which had everyone grooving to it. The evening kick-started high with Shagun and Aishwarya performing a fusion dance form of Kathak on Crazy Kiya Re. For an amazingly cute performance, Vaishnavi and Manan received a standing ovation from the judges and Sunidhi was so much in awe of the little one that she couldn’t stop from gifting her a nice hand-band and a peck on her cheek.

Indeed, the show is not only blowing people’s minds but also touching their hearts. With two weeks away from the Finale, the competition is getting tougher for the finalists. To find out more, tune into